July’s Cottage Garden Gallery

July’s Cottage Garden Gallery

In our July cottage garden, summer flowers in pots are coming to their best now, despite our present drought. I also take a look at ‘No Dig’ gardening.

Cottage Gardens

Here in Southern England we are coping with weeks without proper rain. But here are some well watered plants in pots that have managed to put on a show:

Before looking at our present gallery this impressive bunch of flowers was grown in my son’s garden in May and June. There’s everything here to remind us of fresh early English summer flowers mostly grown from seed.

Click on the photos to enlarge. (Best viewed with Desktop)

July gallery

Earlier this month:

Our Shady Back Garden

On sun scorched days as plants struggle to survive, the back garden offers welcome shade. This catalpa grown from seed is very happy in this heat. Its other name the Indian Bean tree explains why. The more sensitive shrub sheltering under the catalpa’s shade is Cornus alternifolia. This was Christopher Lloyd’s favourite shrub. It’s mine too.

No Dig Gardening

Recently, I’ve been watching some of Charles Dowding’s youtube videos on vegetable growing using the organic ‘No Dig’ techniques. Charles has become a guru on the subject and is attracting much attention in the veg growing world. His results are very impressive without digging, spraying or using any fertilizers.

I plan to sow yellow rattle seed in late summer when the meadow grasses have been cut and cleared. Plugs of my own sown mixed wildflower seeds have been waiting to be added as well. Meadows are not easy to establish, but I am hopeful.

A garden keeps changing and moving on!

5 thoughts on “July’s Cottage Garden Gallery

      1. We have had a very wet year so far. I think we are getting everyone else’s rain. Our top temperature in our very brief heatwave reached 25 degrees for one day. Today it is warm, sunny with a cooling breeze.
        Have a good summer.

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  1. Wonderful flowers dear uncle, it’s great to see the colours and blooms flourish, the weather is cooler now and flowers and plants need a bit of breeze and rain, hope you are all very well, Tina xx


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