Gerard Manley Hopkins -the ultimate harvest

Wheat field ready for harvest on the South Downs

Recently when asked on BBC’s ‘Desert island Discs‘ which book, apart from the Bible and Shakespeare, would he take if stranded on that imaginary desert island, the writer Robert Macfarlane chose the writing and poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Though virtually unknown in his life-time, today Hopkins has many admirers. 

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The Superabundance of Spring

DSC_6728.NEFThe Superabundance of Nature

The superabundance of nature in the spring-time takes our breath away as we see new beauty unfolding on all sides. Every field, wood, hedgerow and garden erupting into fresh green. In G.M.Hopkins’ words it is ‘all in a rush with richness‘. We are bewildered by the profusion.

With bird song at a peak. the woods and gardens ring with the sounds of life. Nature, it seems, is exploding into life just now. The sight of a Brimstone butterfly, an Orange Tip, or an early Small Tortoiseshell butterfly in the garden as they search for nectar, just adds to the excitement.
Thanks for joining me for this post. I hope your presence will encourage me to try to do justice to this most wonderful season. 

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