Great men have been among us


Photo of Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral- surrounded by the river Wear.

Some months ago a friend staying with us shared how she had taken a short break in the North, including  a visit to Durham cathedral. For her it was a sort of pilgrimage. While in the cathedral she said she was very conscious of the memories of two great saints, Cuthbert and Bede, who were buried there.  Sadly, I have never visited Durham, but the words of my title from the poem by William Wordsworth encourage me to stay in the North East for this post.  As a ‘southerner’, like our friend, I want to pay my own respects to these two great saints and pioneers of the Christian faith in this country. Continue reading “Great men have been among us”

Holy Island


There is no escaping from the influence of the sea here. Holy Island, Lindisfarne, off the east coast of Northumberland, is dominated by the rhythm of the tides as they ebb and flow. Nearby are the Farne islands with their colonies of seals and sea birds. When the day tourists have left and the causeway is covered by the sea the island is again cut off from the mainland. The noise and bustle of ‘civilisation’ seems a million miles away and Lindisfarne is left to the wind, waves, the gulls, and other sea birds and the few local residents. Continue reading “Holy Island”

Traces of Eden

The Eden Project in Cornwall  attracts 1 Million visitors each year. In its huge ‘biomes’ all the natural habitats of the world are represented by a whole host of plants. A similarly impressive display can be found in the glasshouses in the historic Kew Gardens in London.Today there is much concern for the preservation of the environment against its many threats. However, this world is still at heart a beautiful place.

Continue reading “Traces of Eden”