Michaelmas – angels unawares

Michaelmas – angels unawares

Keats’ ‘gathering swallows twittering in the skies‘ have gone and last week I heard the plaintive call of a chiff chaff, a sign that other migrants are on their way back south, to warmer climes. We’re left alone to contemplate with the sad autumnal song  of ‘the redbreast whistling from a garden croft’. We feel we’ve been watching summer’s ‘soft dying day‘. Continue reading “Michaelmas – angels unawares”

An Adventurous Gardener

An Adventurous Gardener

What does it take to be an adventurous gardener? Now we have moved into the long warm days of high-summer my cottage borders are a riot of vibrant colour. Am I an adventurous gardener? I’m certainly breaking some accepted garden rules ! I can  think of one person who might have approved but also of another who might not ! Continue reading “An Adventurous Gardener”

An English Cottage Garden in June


Despite the efforts of the R.H.S. Chelsea Flower Show organizers to encourage innovation and modern garden designs, the public still seem to vote for traditional gardens. This year Chris Beardshaw again won the popular vote for Best-in-Show with his cottage-style planting.  I’m totally in agreement with the public here.

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Gloxinia glory, from a single packet of seeds, sown in May.

       When The Garden Comes Indoors

Early December

Many gardeners have hung up their boots and retreated indoors to look out upon a rather dismal garden scene closed down for the winter. Except for the really hardy ones, the roaming photographers have turned to indoor subjects. Other people are concentrating on shopping and food for Christmas and thinking about next year’s summer holidays! …What good can come out of the garden this month?

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