Turning Aside

Sailing yachts at Lymington
Setting sail again from Lymington marina

                               Welcome to these pages. Thank you for visiting.

As you will see, I’m starting a new series of pages based on my own spiritual journey.


” I have taken the little ships of tradition and custom, and legend and history, and I have towed them into port. For years, forlornly and apart, they have floated among my note-books, or drifted past the treacherous shoals of memory. Now they have come to the anchorage of the printed word. My purpose has been to illumine and to strengthen the Faith. The prayers are heart-cries ; the occasional poems, banners, for who so cares, to follow after.”


I recently read these enchanting words of introduction to Alistair Maclean’s delightful book ‘Hebridean Altars’. They aptly describe what I’m setting out to do in this present series of pages. From reading many wonderful books and websites, I’ve been collecting some inspiring quotations. These come from the much deeper wisdom of other writers, and are worth gathering together, lest they be lost and forgotten. The overall aim, being to deepen my own love for Jesus, and share him with others who may be interested.


Page Index 

 2 Hidden Glory

 3  A New Emmaus Road

 4 Re-kindling the Fire 

 5  Thirsty

 6  Gentle Servant

7   Washed by the Tide

8   Water into Wine



More Encounters with Grace


  On Streets of London

 The Best Night’s Sleep of his Life