Please God, the tide will turn. Final v

Clean beach at low tide

In between tides

Like the sea, God’s blessing ebbs and flows. In times past we remember days when things were better than now in our nation. Now the tide is far out and the beach is bare, and barren of life. All we are left with is ‘flotsam’ left at high tide mark, the remnants of past blessings now rather stale and outworn. We then long for a return of the tide. Like the creatures in the almost dried up rock pools, and the sea birds that were here at high tide going after the fish have gone for now. Now, all we can do is to wait longingly for the return of the tide.

Large moon over the ocean at night
The tide will turn – with God all things are possible.

Great Possibilities

The rising tide can do wonderful things. It lifts large vessels in the harbour, it creates power in the wave generators, it brings refreshing life to the rock pools and the beach is swept clean of debris, here there is water enough to swim, and the sea is filled with fish once again.

Shingle beach at low tide

Pebbles everywhere and seaside plants, but where is the sea? Once the tide washed the base of these cliffs.

’The Sea of Faith
Was once, too, at the full, and round earth’s shore
Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furled.
But now I only hear
Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar

The church of God has seen the tides of blessing come and go. You only have to visit Wales for the holiday to notice the many chapels still standing, some of the derelict like this one many others turned to other uses than worship. Clearly, God’s work was once at full tide here. Sadly, today Wales, like much of the rest of Britain, is spiritually dry and a climate of secularism dominates the country.

The Rev .. sitting in one of the redundant Welsh chapels he has bought and restored. Featured on the BBC programmes “Hidden Wales

One day please God the tide will return in our secular western world, as it has already in so many other places in the world. God has big plans ahead for his work here on earth.

But things can change.They did in the past on many occasions. The Doctor has some good advice here. Continue reading…. LINK

“When I get discouraged and over tired and weary, I invariably go to the 18th Century. I have never found George Whitefield to fail me.

Go to the 18th Century! In other words, read the stories of the great tides and movements of the Spirit experienced in that century. It is the most exhilarating experience, the finest tonic you will ever know” 

Please join me in these pages as we look for the return of the tide in a new Pentecost ———